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You may have a champion in your front yard!

Since the early 1960s the Oklahoma Forestry Association, in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry, Forestry Services, has searched out and recorded the largest trees of each species growing in the state. The list has been updated and published periodically ever since. The last publication was in 2000, but now the list is continuously updated, maintained, and displayed on the web. Currently there are more than 100 champion and co-champion trees contained in the list.

The size of a tree is measured by a combination of factors. First, the circumference of the tree is measured in inches at four and a half feet above the ground. That is added to the total height of the tree in feet. Finally, one-quarter of the average crown spread in feet is added to obtain a point total.

The Oklahoma Champion Tree List has broad appeal. Many homeowners take great pride in having the largest specimen of a particular tree species in their yard. The Oklahoma Champions are also submitted to the American Forestry Association to be recorded nationally. And some, in fact, are recognized as being the largest tree of its species in the entire United States.

We are proud to present the Great Trees of Oklahoma.