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The Tree Bank Celebrates 25 Years!

The Tree Bank Foundation has been changing Oklahoma’s landscape for the past 25 years. For a quarter century, the Tree Bank Foundation has been building a stronger sense of community through the promotion, development, and management of urban forestry projects with public and private partners. Its vision to change the landscape of Oklahoma one tree at a time can be seen in various projects across the state. Since 1987, the foundation has been planting thousands of trees for beauty, color, character, community pride, architectural definition, improved air quality, and the mental and physical well-being of state residents.
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Plant a Living Legacy Today!

Our donors have requested a new giving option, and we are now happy to offer it!

The Tree Bank Foundation is pleased to present our donors with an easy, convenient approach of providing continuing support for the Greening of Oklahoma. Many of our donors have requested the option of making their contributions to the Tree Bank Foundation through automatic monthly donations on their credit or debit card. We are excited to be able to offer this option, and look forward to hearing from you!

Should you wish to participate in this monthly giving program, please contact the Tree Bank Foundation for more information.

Office Number :(405) 330-4701
Office Fax :(405) 330-5415

The Tree Bank Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Contributions are generally tax deductible, but please check with your Tax Advisor.

About the Tree Bank Foundation

The Tree Bank Foundation is proud to announce that the mature value of trees planted through its programs have surpassed $220,000,000! With over 186,000 trees distributed since 1987, the Tree Bank Foundation continues to green and shade Oklahoma.

Established in 1987, The Tree Bank Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, focuses on urban forestry projects for public/non profit organization lands, directed by a single staff person and a 15 member volunteer Board of Directors. The Tree Bank Foundation focuses its funding and efforts on improving the livability of communities throughout Oklahoma, providing trees to public and non-profit property and educational resources. Through the enhancement and beautification of our physical surroundings, we are able to take pride in our communities and our ability to make a difference.

Sources of funding include private donations, foundation grants and project management donations. One hundred percent of the Board of Directors and the staff make a financial gift to the organization yearly. Office space, equipment and furniture are donated. Special Projects Contractors are hired through grant funds.

Since 1987 The Tree Bank Foundation has provided the public/non profit organization lands of Oklahoma with economic and environmental benefits of over 186,000 trees valued at maturity as over 220 million dollars. The vast majority of these trees were of substantial size, 1-˝ inches in trunk diameter or larger and 5 feet tall or larger. In addition, the trees provide over one million dollars of air pollution removal every year. Our trees have a high success rate. Each recipient receives tree planting and maintenance training. We require a 3-year maintenance agreement. We have also distributed 108,000 seedlings. With new projects each year, The Tree Bank continues to dramatically impact public/non profit organization lands and the people throughout Oklahoma.

Tree Bank trees are found at public buildings, community gateways, neighborhood common areas, non profit agencies, along highways, in public parks and countless schools. Our trees are available at wholesale & discounted prices to individuals and organizations for planting in public places.


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